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We Offer Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs

Dedicated to uncovering conscious and unconscious biases, providing tools and building skills for effectively managing across all aspects of diversity and building cultural competence for inclusive leadership. Let us help you co- create and execute your vision for DE&I.

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Strategic Action Diversity Framework

How We Look:

Create/Expand Workforce Diversity

Strategies for creating and expanding diversity from a workforce analytics perspective using Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), management pipeline, and development data 

How We Lead:

Managing a Diverse Workforce

Strategies for managing a diverse workplace. This can include: referring and tracking DEI related employee development activities, average time to promotion, compensation & reward equity, fairness of HR programs & policies

How We Act:

Values Workforce Diversity

Metrics obtained from engagement surveys to include the participation level in diversity learning and development activities, performance reviews to include ratings related to exhibiting “inclusive” behavior in the workplace.

How We Win:

Leveraging Workforce Diversity for Organizational Success

Culmination of how the organization brings together its efforts to support inclusiveness at every level of the institution. This includes everything from supplier diversity to communications to scholarship.


“I also wanted to thank you again for all of your partnership and expertise last year. Thanks to your suggestions, we included a DEI statement in our recent job posting and circulated the opening to a much wider group of universities and organizations than we have in the past, which helped yield a much more diverse group of candidates that we've seen previously (many of whom we brought in to interview). 


We're also about to dive into setting our 2022 goals, and thanks to our work together, feel equipped to incorporate several organizational goals around DEI into those. Staff will then build out individual DEI goals based on those organizational goals. So thank you again! I just wanted to let you know we're really carrying forward some of the recommendations you made for us on those fronts (and others!)”

- National Educational Think Tank


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